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Need help changing personal icon. Answered

Hi everybody1 Let's get to the point. I upload images but when I put it in the library I don't know how to make it the icon for my name. Can you help? I can put them here but not on my icon.


Well I did it again, but it is a different problem. I tried to change my icon from that at the top to a different one. When I hit change picture and scroll down to library, there is nothing there. I tried to do it multiple times but it still isn't working. Here is the image.


I just figured it out. When you go under change image and add it to the big grey box, you go down and hit updaute image. You guys helped alot thanks.

Up by the log in and search bar is your name. Hover your mouse over it and click settings. On the settings page (the first one or the persona) click "change immage" next to your original immage.

I think I had the same prob until recently... Go into your images like you can then when your avatar shows up. Click on it so it jumps to the larger box right..?? Now scroll down to the bottom of the page... There is an upload image button, at the very bottom.. beneath all the uploaded images... right at the bottom... hope that helps.. ;) I couldn't find it because I never scrolled down that far.... Try it.... it should work.