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Need help for Mangos map 0004331 non-compatible version ... Answered

So here is my problem
My server could be finished if you help me I think it is the last step I need to do ...
So I got an error message that says my 0004331 map is non-compatible version .
I'd made some searches to solve the problem but the only thing I found is ad.exe (and I'm using mac)
Is there another way to change this maps version.
Or tell me what I can do if you know already know this error.

Christophe, Lehnen
(e-mail me at any time at: chrislehnen@mac.com),or add a comment .

Mac OS X(version 10.5.6)
Processor I'm using a Mac 2GHz INtel Core 2 Duo


okay I edited my QUESTION (the first 3 comments have nothing to do with this QUESTION! Now help me !:P

Please try to help me I really need help !!

Hey I'm still waiting If you want to help me it's not to late (The one who helps me is instantly an GM lol !)