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Need help identifying a capacitor (from a drill that exploded in my face!) SOLVED Answered

Help! I am incapable of identifying this capacitor.

The capacitor says KPB 7301 B9 0.15 μF +2x 2500 pF XY 250V~, and I'm not entirely sure what this means, and what I need to maybe buy to replace it. is it a .15 microfarad one, two 2500pF in one, or both?

While drilling a small hole in aluminum, the drill suddenly made an insanely loud explosion sound. Freaked the spinning drill bit out of me. I took it apart and found this exploded capacitor I need help identifying, to replace. It's an old drill that also powers my mini circular saw and bench grinder, SKIL 1437 H1.




9 months ago

Its not a capacitor, its a noise suppression network I suspect.


Answer 9 months ago

Hmmm... I started typing a reply and then my computer restarted and I can't remember what I wrote...

Makes sense, it's simpler than I thought. It's an old drill, so the capacitor probably dried up which made it short, and then it exploded. Luckily I have a relative that's an EE, so we replaced the capacitor with two smaller (ceramic? tantalum?) ones, and then another one... Because apparently it doesn't hurt.

I bet you can sense the incredibe amount of knowledge I have in this subject...


9 months ago


Making sure the next capacitor won't explode is probably a different story...

This is a really good drill and I really wouldn't like to lose it (though that would persuade me to finally buy a drill press :)

You can see it in action around the end of this video: