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Need help identifying this connector? Answered

Hello I need some help identifying this connector? Also where do I go to find more.


.  I don't know what they're called, but they look vaguely similar to Centronic connectors (except Centronics doesn't have square ends). Maybe that will help with your search; maybe not.

You've pulled something apart like a TV / VCR / stereo, and you want to use bits via these connectors?
It's going to be hard finding them, and you'll still have a fiddly-soldering job anyway.
What do you need to do with the bits, as there will be alternatives?


Yeah basicly that it. It is a pocket camcorder the board with the male connector is the lens. I thought if i can find the connectors I can make some type of extension cable so that main unit can be placed about 12in away from the lens.

Hmm, fiddly-soldering-job. an old HDD EIDE ribbon might be useful.
What you want is a 12" cable with these connectors, but I wouldn't imagine they exist.


What is the board?
What does it do?
Can we have a picture of the whole thing?

If you let us know these things we might be able to find a schematic for in on the net and find a description of what J1 ("jumper 1") is.

Apitek Dv5900 digital pocket camcorder. Im looking to try to extend the connectoin with maybe a ribbion type cable.

Probably an exotic from someone like JST or Hirose.