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Need help in cleaning dryer vent run Answered

I need help in figuring out a way to clean the build-up in my dryer vent run. The run is in a crawl space and approximately 25 feet long. I have been unable to find anything available to run through it to clean the lint buildup. Thanks in advance for any viable suggestions.


If you can pop off the vent guard/flapper or grill on the outside of the house, put your shop vac or leaf blower to blow it out from the dryer hookup end. You may have to duct tape it a bit to create some pressure at the back end. May not be as effective as a brush pulled through it but should clear out any big lintballs.

connect the entire duct to a wire and pull it out to clean outside. then pull it back into the crawl with the wire

Roto Rooter type rods are push rods and sometimes very long. You could send one of those through to the other end, tie a big puff of something on a string and pull it back through. Tie string on both sides so you don't have to thread a new string. Just pull it through to one side, clean it off and pull it through to the next,... Dryer sheets are a good surface for picking up lint. You could put them on your ball. Make sure the string can't break. Don't want a puff stuck in your dryer vent. (I just made this up. There may be a better way) You can't get to the end under the house? They usually aren't that hard to detach and re attach. My first thought was a persian cat!