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Need help making Sata Power to USB - 5V.? Answered

So basically I have a 2.5" Sata drive that I want to use with my W500.

The drive itself runs at 5v 700mA and I know that USB's support 5v - what im looking to make is something similar to:


or better still this:


Any help would be great. 


There is no direct pin conversion between usb and SATA. They are different protocols.

You need a proper usb>>sata conversion cable if you wish to plug in a sata drive to a usb port.

To add to that... Even if you get the right cable and get the right translation between protocols to happen you will have a problem powering the drive. The USB spec calls for USB ports to offer a max of 500mA. So the power from the USB port will not be enough to handle the drive.

often, usb>>sata cables will have a double usb plug, one for data+power, the 2nd (often red) is just for power from a 2nd usb port. Laptop drives can often run on a single usb port if they use a soft-start motor, but a full size desktop drive really wants a full power supply.

I actually should have put that in... I have a Sata to USB converter -but it is simply the communication device and provides no power.

It is the power that I am struggling with.... I thought that a dual USB setup might solve the problem but didnt want to do anything before confirmation.

Like I say the drive is a 2.5" Sata - it came from an old Macbook pro - so Im not sure if it has a soft start motor or not - but I am definitely not looking to power a 3.5" drive.

I've never seen a usb>sata that didn't have either a power input or was self contained and just 'worked' with enough input.

This is what I have:

With a separate power connector - e.i power brick converter with LP4 connector with LP4 to Sata converter.


Virtually any 5v adapter should work with a molex>>sata power adapter (most drives come with one).

Yeah that is how I have been using this adapter thus far.

However I know have a W500 (Windows 8 tablet) and wish to take the 2.5 drive with me as I move from place to place, not having to 'plug in'. Hence the issue.

Again my fault for not specifying.

tablet computers are notoriously bad for not putting out much power on the usb port, you're probably stuck with the plug in, or getting a lower power drive