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Need help - making a pedant lamp Answered

I'm new on the forum so please forgive me if I will make some mistakes..English is not my native language.
I want to make a pedant lamp for myself, something like that in attached images.
Maybe someone can figure this out how it is made?
Need a frame or something?
First I was thinking that inside is a roller but now I do not know how to go about it.. And How to tie these folds...
I watch a tutorial of Ikea Kappa lamp and there was used a frame.
I have a pcv and others materials so I wanna use them
has anyone an idea?

Thanks For your help :) :)


Tarun Upadhyaya

5 years ago

Dear Friend, I think I know how this can be made, please give me few hours and I will post insturctions.


5 years ago

try buying a bag of cheep ribbon gift bows. take a few apart and see how the ribbon is stapled together. use that model as inspiration.


Reply 5 years ago

Thanks, but it is a little different form.. For now I think I will try make this like rosette bow. And if this will not work I will try with Knappa but different leaves :)