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Need help making a red phlatlight torch Answered

Hey people!
I need some help making a powerful red phlatlight torch like the one in the video below. I know next to nothing about whatever is required to make one of these so explain everything simply for someone that has absolutely no experience to understand.

Here be the video.




4 years ago

First, I would take on some less dangerous projects in terms of lighting first. That one looks, based on the description, to be a roughly 10 watt red led! That is, especially when focused like the video, more than enough to cause eye damage. I made a 30 watt white light


and I wore welding goggles whenever testing it until it was finished, and wore sunglasses even then, and I STILL had a few times where I was seeing spots for a couple minutes after working with it. I would suggest starting at maybe 3W and working your way up.

That said, the first thing you do is select the LED. Superbrightleds.com and dx.com both provide a multitude of colors and powers to choose from. Generally, I've found DX is cheaper, but takes >2 weeks to ship, whereas SBL ships in just about 3 days for 3 dollars.


the first LED should be a 3 watt RGB. This includes a powerful, 1W red LED (just use the R+ and R- pads). Connect them to the + and - of two AA batteries in series, and mount it in a metal flashlight casing (preferably aluminum, as it will need to heatsink the LED, such as http://www.dx.com/p/ultrafire-wf-501b-aluminum-alloy-casing-housing-w-strap-for-flashlight-black-silvery-grey-196713). a 3W red LED is avaliable here http://www.dx.com/p/epileds-sf-3w-gh-3w-660nm-red-light-led-soldering-bulb-plate-silver-186908 but would have to use rechargable AAs (avaliable at almost any electronics or department store), as they're 1.2V instead of 1.5. 10W leds would need more power, and thus probably an 18650 battery (http://www.dx.com/p/ultrafire-3-7v-18650-2400mah-battery-1213) and a boost module http://www.dx.com/p/zndiy-bry-lm2587-dc-3-35v-to-1-2-30v-2a-buck-boost-module-for-fpv-red-321630. (connect battery + to "in+", battery - to "in-" and the LED to out + and - the same way. adjust the little screw until the LED is really friggin bright).

My advice, however, is to do some simple electronics projects until you do have some experiece, as these sorts of things can be rather dangerous to your eyes, and will burn you, explode, etc. if not properly heatsinked.


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Will the gel make the colour completely red or would it make it more pink?

It has to be as red as possible but still maintain the power of the original LED.


Reply 4 years ago

It will be completly red. These gels are designed for theater lighting.