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Need help making a roasted pig (Not really, just a model) Answered

We got a school festival coming up traditions, and I was charged with the duty of makying a roasted pig over an open fire. Not really, just a model. I really couldn't find a name for it, so I'll ask here. It's a pig. With a stick through it. Over fire. Then you eet it. So far, I was thinking either just make a basic shape and fill it with newspapers, or use a few bottles. Any ideas? (Sorry if the pic is inapropiate)


for the fire, take some red, yellow, and orange tissue paper and cut it to the shape of fire. tape this to a minature fan. than attach a lightbulb to the fan. for the pig, use paper mache.

I was gonna put the fan, but I was a bit late, but I did make fire like that. Thanks anyway!


9 years ago

Wow, that sounds hard. I'd take a page out of Nachomama's book and tell you to Google it, but you've probably already done that.

No, I actually used ma brain and maded it. I may post a picture, as this may help other people.....who...might need a pig model.....yup....

What'd you make it out of? And how long did it take? It looks like you just published the forum topic a few hours ago.

Well, the body was two of those foam things that come in the boxes to hold objects. The head was a plastic gallon of juice...thing......cut up. I painted two circles on the cap, which is the nose. I cut juuusst a bit from the handle, for the mouth. It looks like a pig that ate a giant sausage. How ironic....I'll post pics later, i had no batteries yesterday....

Are you going to post a picture of it ? :-)


9 years ago

What you are trying to make is a roasting spit. To make this I would see if you can find a taxedermied pig that you can get for a low price and stick it on a stick and create a fake fire.