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Need help making large radio controlled boat Answered

I'm planning on building a rather large radio controlled boat fro scratch, but really don't know where to start.
What I have done is started designing the hull and superstructure in SketchUp, which I will chuck into Pepakura designer to make a template to cut out of either plastic sheeting or 1mm metal.

I'd be glad if anyone could help me out with finding circuit diagrams, kit sets and even links of online resources. I'm fine with the actual building of the hull and superstructure, it's just everything electronic I am having difficulty figuring out.

Definite specs:
- 2 metres long by 40ish cm wide (6ft by 16 inches I think)
- Single hull
- Radio controlled, with a 600ft/ 200m transmission range

Planned specs:
- Preferably two motors (electric) with speed control, as I think one may not be powerful enough to push such a big craft
- Servo/stepper motor rudder
- Two side thrusters towards the front, one each side (no speed control necessary)
- One bow-facing 'turret' with a small wireless camera on
- One fixed stern-facing wireless camera
- Port and starboard LEDs (on/off switchable)
- At least 9 other channels available for other additions required on/off switching such as spotlights and suchlike
- 2 more channels for additional servos

The actual boat design at this point in time is modular, meaning that one can mix and match features such as turrets or spotlights in the four bays that are available


You shouldn't have a problem there is actually little force on the rudder of a model boat even at the larger size you are talking about - if you in any doubt keep the control horn short to increase torque - the rudder doesn't need to move far.

For other digital chs you could turn on off lights, fit guns, launch missiles/torpedoes the limits are in your imagination. ;-)

What do you think about the motors for propulsion? Two or one and what size?

You must have been reding my mind when you said about the missles- exactly what I had in mind. I could simply use decent sized hobby rocket motors, with a nicrome coil to ignite them. As for guns- A coilgun would be epic in my opinion (but once again, I'm lacking curcuit diagrams)

You need to look at existing models and take some ideas from that try here for a start They give the specification for each boat and you can see engine size - The site also sells various motors.(UK)

Base your design on either a full sized boat scaled down or an existing model at least that gives you a good start.

I was thinking of cannibalising a RC plane for the servo and speed controls, but I'm not sure servos designed for small planes will hold up to steering a large and slightly unwieldy boat. There is also the 12 on/off channels that remain.


6 years ago

It is going to be expensive. Top marks on clarity of concept.