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Need help on how to relocate chipmunks in ga my ex wants to exterminate them. Pls help!! Answered



6 years ago

Chipmunks like to burrow and their tunnels can destroy a lawn or garden in a few weeks to several months.
A neighbor, who maintains his lawn and garden like the Elysium Fields told me several years ago that the best way he found to drive away chipmunks was to sprinkle very spicy, ground chili pepper around their burrow openings and any other place they frequent and they will move in a short time.
I bought a tin of finely ground Habenero pepper and dosed every hole I could locate, plus the perimeter of my shrubs and flowers every day for about two weeks.
They or it, I don't know for sure how many, left and didn't return. But I still keep the remainder of the Habenero pepper, in case they return.

Wild animals tend to get replace by more wild animals - They are there in the first place because the habitat suits them.

I would suggest try to learn to live with them or you end up exterminating everything.


6 years ago

I had chipmunks show up here once. They didn't last very long, the cats ate them. If you are able to catch them you need to move them far away from where they are, preferably in a place that has few predators.
You can get a live trap pretty cheap. Bait it with something they like.

What harm are they causing? Are they living in your house, or do they live outside like most chipmunks, squirrels, etc?