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Need help removing weight off a motor Answered

Hey guys i'm currently trying to make a very simple robot (2 motors, a battery and a switch) and everything is fine exept for the fact that the motors i'm using are from a PS2 controller, so they are vibrating motors. I can't seem to figure out how to remove the weights (half metal circles) that make tthem vibrate when rotating and that's going to be a problem, since i want my motor to have wheels, not vibrators hah... So if any of you have advice on how to do it i'd be glad to hear it.

PS: i joined an image of the motors so you can see the half circles i'm talking about.



2 years ago

Such motors are high speed low torque with good bearings.

Not much use without gear down mechanisms.

Actually not really fast at all and no bearings, just brass sleeves.
And since they are overdesigned if no weight is on they run quite well on solar cells if you don't require too much torque ;)

I defer to your knowledge of the no-weight motor.

I have never measured the no-load speed, but my experience with that style of PM DC brush machine has been it usually turns over 1000 RPM which is high for toy wheels.

Sorry, I didn't mean roller bearing, only that the shaft bearing surface is robust enough to handle the side thrust of that offset spinning weight, a good thing in a motor.

As a reference, please see this vibrator motor equivalent spec.


" 24VDC vibrating motor used in Back, Foot
massagers. 12mm Dia. X 15mm round brass eccentric weight on shaft.
RS-360 series equivalent motor with solder terminals. Rated: 24VDC. Draws 140mA @ 24VDC. RPM> 3000 12VDC draws 80mA ~1500RPM "


Yea they can be a pain.

Don't use heat there are delicate parts that can be damaged by heat.

Take fine nosed pliers and put one side under the weight and the other side on the tip of the shaft and squeeze until the top of the weight is level with the end of the shaft.

Now that it has moved a little they are easier to take off.

Take pliers that can almost fill the gap between the weight and the motor and close them on the shaft but don't apply pressure to the shaft and pry up.

The weight should come right off.

an abrasive wheel will cut right through those weights, allowing them to be removed. You may cut into the shaft a bit, but that wont effect function.

Combine what both Kiteman and Liwuidhandwash said. These things are often pressure fit and or glued into place. You can use a lighther to heat up the weight, breaking up any glue and lossening any press fit so they can be removed with a pair of pliers.

Usually to remove gears on a motor you would use a large soldering iron to heat it and melt the locketite, Might be worth a try with those weights.

Clamp the weights (say, in a vice), then use a hammer and punch to drive the axle down out of the weight.