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Need help replacing trailer floors.What's the right way to fix the floors? Answered

I own a trailer home there was a leak from my bathroom pipes and also from around bedroom window.Because of said leaks now my floor in the bedroom is now falling apart .How do i replace the wood.



I would start by pulling up the carpeting, vinyl, or whatever floor covering you have, to see the extent of the damage. Once you have determined how much flooring needs to be replaced you can start removing the damaged wood. I would use a circular saw to cut out the bad plywood. Set the depth of your saw to about 3/4". That should be the thickness of the subfloor. Start at a seam in the floor boards and layout at right angles lines to cut along. Remember that standard ply wood comes in 4'x8' sheets and that the floor joists are normally laid out on 16" centers. Cut out as much as required and so the replacement decking will hit the floor joists. That will allow you to nail or screw the new plywood to the support members, If there was extensive damage you may have to replace more than one sheet of subflooring. Also, inspect the floor joists to determine if they are solid enough to support the new floor. You may have to repair or replace them as well. When you replace the plywood, I would use both glue and screws.


6 years ago

Your profile doesn't say where you are from. That could make a difference but I will assume that its in the US.
Most trailers are made with particle board for the sub floor. Its cheap and easy to work with and you can lay carpet or vinyl on it with little trouble. The problem is that its not that durable, as you have found out. Even a small amount of water will cause particle board to swell and the surface becomes rough as the grain from the tiny pieces of wood gets raised. By the way I have seen them make holes in this for pipes and wiring by just punching it out with a hammer. It makes a rough hole but they don't care. it's faster than drilling.
To fix it right is a 2 step process. To just fix it OK takes only one.
You need to cut out the affected areas, cut it back to where there is a joist. You need to get support for the edges of the replacement board. Cut down the middle of of a joist if its edgewise so you leave support for the old piece and give a shelf for support for the new piece. I would go to the effort of putting in cross pieces where the boards meet. By that I mean cut a 2x4 that fits between the joists, turn it sideways and screw it (and glue) to the bottom side of the edge of the old while leaving half of it to put the new piece on. This way you have a frame all around the hole. Then put down the replacement piece and screw it in place. That is step one.

Step 2 is to get something else to lay on top of the sub floor. 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch plywood would work. This will strengthen your whole floor. Then re lay your carpet or other covering. Where it meets the other floor you will have a little bit of a rise. You can use a molding to even it out. Or if your good with a saw bevel a piece plywood to make the transition. I would think about adding the plywood to the entire floor if you can afford it.

I replaced a section of mine with 18mm marine plywood - Simply cut to fit between the chassis sections. a lot depends on exactly what you have.