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Need help to build a sound amplifier Answered

I would like to build a sound amplifier for my computer's headphones (main reason for experimenting and to use it too). I would like a high power amplifier with maximum of 12V supply(since i'm going to connect it with my computer's power supply) I would like your help as i'm "new" to electronics to answer my question.

-Should i use an IC or i build it with transistors?
     - If with an IC can you suggest a suitable IC.
     - If with a transistor, what type of transistor BJT, or FET? Suggest a suitable transistor.

If possible please post a diagram of the whole circuit with the IC or transistor you suggested.

THANKS before hand.


You have chosen a great way to get into the hobby of electronics. The simplest way is to follow Lemonie's link and make 2 of them, 1 for the right channel and 1 for the left channel. These should be limited in their gain so they don't damage your hearing.

As Jeff-O says, there are tons of opamps out there that will fill the bill. Try the Burr-Brown OPA series or the National Semiconductor's NE5532. Then there are the venerable TLO62, TLO72, TLO82 opamps used in many older HiFi/Professional setups.

If you really want to understand how things work, you should try to build from scratch/discrete components. Rather than give you a blow by blow, here are some links:


These are a combination of types, opamp, opamp with discrete, and discrete. The power supply can run off of 12V with either a slight drop or increase in power, depending on the original supply voltage. The way you choose to go is up to you. You could even try them all.

Again, welcome to the wonderful world of electronics.



8 years ago

Use an IC.  There are hundreds of options.  Check out the dedicated headphone amplifiers available at Texas Instruments and National Semi.  Each device will have one or more example schematics in the datasheet for you to build the amp. 

Though these days, it's getting very hard to find chips that aren't surface mount...