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Need help to create a DIY USB monitor Answered

Hi all,

I am working on a project to create my own portable usb monitor (eg. ltn101nt02) and a LCD controller board. 

However, the controller board requires a 12v power input with more than 2A. I am thinking of using a boost converter but I'm not sure if it will work. Also, with the USB as power input, can it still work as a screen input for my monitor?

Can anyone advise if i can modify the board such that I can use a USB for both power input and screen input?



i just bought a reversing screen and converted it to a 5v usb portable screen powered with a poundland power bank.... screen 15 quid cable another quid so

17 pounds and 15 minutes


If you only need "normal" power levels for the microcontroller then a simple 5V voltage reulator like the 7805 will do, available for currents up to 1A and a bit more with a heatsink.

12V li-ion battery from eBay, and a step down converter from 12V to 5V?

Did you see GreatScott's Youtube video about doing this? I think you should watch it. I watched it a long time ago but I remember something about those screens working at a lower voltage or soemthing like that.