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Need help, what`s that thing for? Answered


So what could it be?it got little peeping speaker, on/off switch and a "Tactile Switch" AA battery is too big and tall, AAA fits but its tall too, but i runned it on AAA(put something between the battery and contact) Then its making peep peep untill i switch the pushbutton. On the board is writed "UNILARM"


Thanks for any help:)



The right "end" of it appears to have a "socket" in it. What time is it? Can you show a picture of the end of it straight on?

No sockets or anything to plug something in, some new pictures up there! Its cool when i can put speaker somewhere and hear something, there are also lots of potentiometers, atleast one in right side down, not sure how those other are called? In with frequency its working or...

Thanks anyways for all helping me!

Ah it's a (push)button then. Is this thing a "locator" device maybe?

Is the "beeping" very loud? If it is, a clap or some high pitch sound or high frequency noise may "set it off" once you have "reset it" with the push button.

That would tell you it is used to "find" whatever you have attached to the keychain on the case.

And that beeping is quite loud, but its one sure beeping, no carges in sound.

Well, a detector of some sorts would fit your description...still it is probably as you say and not for "finding a lost article" if it is of any size.

It looks "old" (not like as in decades old, but none of the electronics are "miniaturized".  I don't see surface mount tech in there, so I would guess a garage door opener (if it sends a signal) or maybe something to help locate your automobile (by means of a radio signal device in the car). 

If the keychain came with it, it is meant to be carried on one's person.

It also may be a "beeper" (pager) device like those used in hospitals for someone waiting for another person having an operation or whatever.

In fact, if it is a pager, it will be set off by a unique signal or set of signals, and it may be pretty hard to determine what that signal is, depending on the complexity of the receiver setting.

Dont think its some tetector type thing, more something what lemonie thinks, and what i was thinking, some other "Macine" or whatever sensor is going to send signal to this thing on distance, example the door has been opened and it got a sensor and same type of radio signal thingy connected with door sensor, so its gonna send info on that device... Now if somebody had thing like that, whats the first thing u try do to with it? Throwing it away isnt a variant :P
Sorry for bad english, maybe :/

.  Looks a lot like a pager/beeper to me.

Whats the best use for it? It was in a car i bought from Germany years ago. Got a cover and pocket clip...

I don't know myself, but if you knew it's operating frequency it could be used as a radio-receiver I think.


It's a radio-alarm device of some sort. Probably a remote for a larger system.