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Need help with 12V solar power DC to DC converter Answered

Hi all,

I need help with a solar power I purchased from Ebay. I've been looking for a solution to this everywhere but I couldn't find anything and the ebay sellers support isn't that good.

the solar charger is this:

and also


This is a 12V solar panel. Does anyone know any device that can convert this 12v to 5v?

I'm also confused about the Working voltage" "open voltage" this solar panel is 1. Voc: 19-21V
2. Vop: 14.5V 3. Current: 0.7-0.8A

I'm looking for ways to use this to charge my pocket pc which is Dell Axim and accepts 5V input. Is there anyway to use this device to charge dell axim?

The plug from the solar charger is a basic fork which accepts different tips as seen on the page.. I'm looking to come up with a solution that'll let me change the voltage from 12v to 9v, 7v, 5v and on.



11 years ago

> I'm also confused about the Working voltage" "open voltage" this solar panel is 1. Voc: 19-21V 2. Vop: 14.5V 3. Current: 0.7-0.8A . Working voltage is what the panel puts out under load, open voltage is without a load. . Judging by the figures you gave, I'd guess that Voc is the working voltage and Vop is open voltage, but not sure.


11 years ago

i dont know about 9 and 7 but i can tell you how to get 5 either cut off the alligator clips or the ciggarette lighter end At the bottom youll see the reason for the comment being so long i dont know why no one has answered this but just get a 7805 regulator from radioshack or if you have a credit card and dont mind waiting buy it online just google it what country do you live in if you dont mind my asking cause i know radioshack is in america but you could go online to maplin.co.uk to order it and the diagram is like this pin3 pin2 pin1 pin three depends on if your cutting the charger for the axim or plugging in usb if you cutting the cable then cut off the usb end and solder the red wire to pin three on the regulator (MAKE SURE THE LITTLE METAL THING WITH THE HOLE FOR GROUND IS ON THE LEFT SIDE) then connect the two negatives together and solder them both onto pin 2 and then solder the positive from the solar panel to pin one and put it into a enclosure (reccomend altoids tin but remember to cover everything in electrical tape or heatshrink or cover the box in electrical tape so nothing shorts out) and test with a multimeter and if its 12 watts as well as 12 volts it will be more than enough to power usb Done! Sorry for the comment being so long but the instructions are included