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Need help with Aeroponics misting system any ideas? Answered

I've been struggling to build an aeroponics system and the only problem I have right now is the misting system. I purchased some misting nozzles off amazon that I inserted into some vinyl tubing and sealed with a silicon sealant. I used a small DC 6V pump powered by my Arduino to pump the water to the nozzles. Now the little pump couldn't provide enough pressure to create a mist of water (I think its pump rate was something like 15GPH) it came out with some of the water leaking while a steady stream sprayed in four directions. So my question to the instructables community is was it my little pumps fault or did I get ripped off buying bad nozzles? What pump should I buy that will pump enough pressure to create a mist?

here are the nozzles I bought and here's the pump I bought:

http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004HHW0FU/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i00    <-- the pump

http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004U3MRIG/ref=oh_details_o02_s00_i00     <-- the nozzles

One more thing, I was thinking of a misting system which I'm unsure will work. I got the idea driving behind a truck after the rain when the road was wet. The wheels were spraying a mist behind them as they drove over the wet road. Could I simulate that effect at all with an electric motor and a small wheel?



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misting nozzles generally requre tens to hundreds of PSI - a small 6v pump will produce maybe 5psi if you're lucky.

See what happens if you connect your tubing to household water pressure - like a garden hose - anywhere from 50-100psi and see if that helps.

You can get low voltage high pressure pumps that put out less volume - as piston or diaphragm pumps. If your pump has an impeller, likely can't drive a mister.

The pump you bought is super low flow high temperature for sous vide cooking -- constantly moving hot liquid slowly around -- almost no pressure. It's doing exactly what it's meant to do.

2nd half of your question:
Could a mechanical means be used to spray water? YES. Is it easy or efficient, not really -- cars spit up water because the wheels are travelling at upwards of 100km/hr (or more, unreasonably) -- and that water being thrown upwards hits a big wall of wind instantly splitting it into a fine mist. Without a leaf blower to rip the water droplets apart you would just have a straight beam coming off the miniature version.

thanks for sharing the images of those nozzles. I bought brass covered with stainless steel in the center. For a misting hose. And I too were having the same problem. I did order a new pump that does 400 gallons per hour, but I did not consider using the type of nozzles that you used. So I will try to order the ones that you bought and see if it works. If it does I will let you know.

General rule of thumb 25gph for every Mister

So with all that being said, could my 400 gph pump work? I am trying to accomplish the same thing and having the same problem as that gentleman who wrote the question. First I had a pump only pushing 264 gallons per hour. So now I just ordered from Amazon, in new pump that weighs more than the other pump telling me the motor is bigger, and pushes 400 gallons per hour. Please let me know what you may think.

Just wanted to thank everyone for their input and give you all an update on my Aeroponics system. I purchased a 400 GPH pump that works wonderfully with my misting nozzles. I just finished setting up my system and I've had it running for a few hours. I checked on the seed I put in the chamber and it already looks like its germinating!

I suspected your pump wasn't powerful enough. At least you now know that was the problem, since a significantly better pump is doing the job. ;-)

Its worth a try dripping water onto a disk, and making the droplets smash against a ring around the edge. Industrial powder mixers work on a similar principle.

It doesn't seem as though you have a strong enough pump. A regular garden hose, with no attachments lets out about 350 gallons per hour, and a typical sprinkler system uses about 240 gallons per hour, so your pump at 15 gallons isn't nearly strong enough to pressure the system and get any adequate misting from even one nozzle. So, to improve the design, you'll need a stronger pump, and take into account how many misters you plan to use.