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Need help with a food-related metaphor. Answered

I'm calling out to all clever, witty-minded Iblers for suggestions on how to finish this (food-related) sentence:

"It disappears faster than _____________". 

Any ideas?


grannies tray bakes...

Everyone has or knows a granny that cooks some awesome sort of sweet thing. Tray bakes...

Thanks to everyone! Now I have future references, too!!!

razor shaved shallots in a skillet.

.....Cupcakes at a daycare
.....Children on a chocolate high

bananas in a monkey zoo.

... a deflating soufflé?

... apple pie from the window ledge?

... candy from an open jar?

... meringue in a rain storm?

"Apple pie left on a window ledge." is perfect! Conundrum solved... many thanks, Kiteman!