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Need help with a name! Answered

Hi everyone. I was hoping to harness the creativity and arcane knowledge of the Instructables community. The company I work for just launched an internal competition to rename our intranet site. I was thinking of submitting something linked to the word star (our new logo is based on the star Polaris) and to include some reference that the higher ups wouldn't spot.
Any ideas?

Deathstar seems too obvious, Skynet might make it through, but I am certain people out in instructaworld have some sweet ideas!

(keeping with full disclosure, if I hypothetically win I do get a prize but I would much more enjoy seeing a joke in the intranet name for the next few years! I keep busting up when I get to call something T-101 on an industrial site :D )



Best Answer 5 years ago

I used an old HP UNIX cluster once, the super-user name was darkstar.
That's a bit dark, obviously. How about you give me some idea about what your company does, and how the intranet fits with that?


We're an Engineering & Consultancy company (design and build everything from office buildings to factory complexes). The intranet is used to share info across offices and help find people/projects/tools.

I'm aiming for a name that the average CEO would consider appropriate but which contains some game/movie/mythology reference which would be fun to those who know it.

Starforge (from star wars: knights of the old republic) was another idea :D

I like the sound of "FETT Net", you then think of some words to make it an acronym.
E.g. File EveryThing There, or Find EveryThing There.


Ok everyone, I've submitted:
Sirius Be

Fingers crossed that any of them make it through!

What's the company name?

Its Royal HaskoningDHV (recently merged Royal Haskoning with DHV). They chose Sirius (not polaris as I said, my bad) because "its the brightest star in the night sky and is actually a binary star".

Our current intranet is RHKonnections (RHK standing for Royal HasKoning) but trying to integrate DHV in that seems tricky.

Sirius - AKA the Dog star sits in Canis Major.
It has a dwarf companion called Sirius-B
So how about "Sirius-Be" ?


Its another binary star and the brightest star of Canis Minor (Orion's smaller dog). Sirius is the brightest of Canis Major (Orion's larger dog). Procyon means "before the dog" in Greek, and the Latin name Sirius came from Ancient Greek (meaning "glowing"). Sirius is often called the "Dog Star" so its only fitting that Procyon (the smaller dog) go with Sirius.

(Okay, perhaps I went a little nerdist on that). :-)

There is always Starwind & Hawking if you have a pair of them. Or simply Gilliam.

Man I love that show!

Polaris is in Ursa Minor.

Riff off "Bear" perhaps ?