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Need help with a prank (filling up 38,000 12in ballons) Answered

As a prank at my school i and a group of friends are going to fill the ceiling of the school with 38000 12in latex balloons We already have a bulk balloon and helum supplier the only thing is that it is going to take a lot of time in order to inflate and tie all those balloons i saw this https://www.instructables.com/id/Balloon-tying-jig/ and thought this might help but stil



So did you check with the fire marshal to see if it was okay since the balloons floating up would block the smoke detectors/sprinkler systems and possibly interfere with the HVAC ducts and might be a fire hazard resting on the hot light fixtures above? There is criminal negligence and responsibility for any damage that occurs.

I pulled the plans for the school the area i am trying to fill is ~10' above the level of the sprinkler systems with no HVAC vents in that area the pourpse of the space i am filling is to let natul light into the school bulding it is entrily metal constuction but te school has suffachant lighting in order to maku up for the lack of light form the windows

If it's a prank, I doubt he's asked permission of the authorities...