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Need help with change value of capacitor in tone control? Answered

Hello .im making a TubeScreamer TS808 clone.
In the original schematic they use 2 0.22uF Tantalum capacitors, but i don't have them, so i replace with 0.22uF Mylar capacitors.The result is when i turn the tone pot up, i get noise and loud hiss.
Can i replace the 0.22uF Tantalum with 1uF Tantalum then change the value of some resistors to make the tone pot to work ?This is the original schematic and my modified version .I not tested it yet because i have to order parts to build it.Can you check it for me please! Im beginner and i dont know what part i have to replace if i replace 0.22uF capacitors with 1uF capacitors.
Thanks! and sorry for my bad English!