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Need help with electrical math and set up for Solar Power Battery Charger Answered

Hey I am thinking of making a mini solar panel battery pack/charger

I need help figuring out how to set it all up!

This is what I have:
-Mini Solar Panel, believe it is 10v 
-9.7v 700mAh Ni-Cd battery pack
-Female USB slot

How to set it up?
-I want to have the solar panel charge the battery
-Insert a LED indicator for batter, Charging/Charged
-I want the USB female to be outputting battery power (for any USB device i.e. cell phone, ipod, etc.)
-I am guessing I will need/want some sort of regulator between the panel and battery and one between the battery and the USB output?

Any help on set up and pieces needed would be much appreciated!  Thanks


 I have come up with this schematic

Will it work?
If so, does anyone know which diodes and resistors to use to match the 9.6v battery?


Solar Panel Set up.jpg