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Need help with girl Answered

girl in class likes me, told her i liked her, told her I didn't like her because friends that are girls didn't like her, even though she's pretty, nice smart. my friends that are boys like her. I want to ask her out but don't know wht my friends that are girls would say.


The other girls don't seem to be jealous, I mean they said they didn't (like) like me.

You shouldn't be thinking about a girl"friend" yet.


What happened - what did you do?.....!

Go for it. The worst that can happen is she says no. If other friends will disown you because of who you choose to be romantically linked to, they aren't such good friends. Just make sure you ask her in as quiet and private place as possible, so that her answer is as honest as possible, and not influenced by what others nearby might say.

ouch i got in the same situation. umm OK if you like her then go out with her but if you are the type of guy that will let people dictate him than those people are not your friends because the only thing those kids want is to controll you but if you dont want to deal with that situation tells thoes kids off then dont talk to the girl for a while till every thing cools down


8 years ago

The thing is that the girls are jealous. It happens ALL the time. Also, dont be surprised if you dont end up together that another girl that didnt like her also ends up telling you she likes you. It happens alot.


8 years ago

I would definitely ask her out. Go out to lunch and just hang out and talk. It may turn out you have a connection. That would be a shame to miss out on. Also if these girls really are your friends they would want you to be happy. The thing is with girls is that they're jealous. Even if they have no reason to be. It's like you belong to them and if your attention goes to this other girl then it's not on them. You see?

Be a man, and stand-up for yourself. The only regrets you will have as you get older are the chances you didn't take, so ask her on a date. By asking the Q, you're already half-way there, questioning whether you should be listening to your mates. You'll lose touch with all but a handful of them when you leave school, so what they think is worthless. btw prettiness doesn't count - there's plenty of exciting things between tattered covers. Good luck