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Need help with making a CAD model, or interested person in a generator project Answered

Greetings citizens of instructables,

I want to make a power generator, but I want to make a CAD model, and analyze the thing in motion before I build it.

It's based on a patent and it supposedly makes free energy....so if this turns you off then turn 360 degrees and moon-walk away.

That being said, to keep it short and to the point, this is for proof of concept and will be used in a creative work for proof of concept.  It's not for profit.  I'm actually going to put my own money into building this thing, so, yeah, I just want to see it come to fruition; see if it will work.


For amplifying instruction:

(I also attached the PDF's below)

If anyone is interested in working on this project with me because they genuinely think it's friggin awesome, or if you want to make a little money because you're a starving student (that's cool, I'm fine with that), or have any other constructive input to offer, then please hit me up or post below.

Finally, if you're in question about how the machine works, then please post it here so I can clarify, it's actually pretty simple and the math is very simple as well.




5 years ago

You don't need to keep posting the same thing over and over.

Free energy, as described in that patent, is a physical and theoretical impossibility.


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I'm posting it in different areas because it people with different skills are on other boards.

Until you have proven that the math does not work and, indeed, create an over unity of power on the output node of the system, regardless of the energy's origination from external or internal entropic systems, you cannot discredit the legitimacy of this design.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed...it can only move into and out of form.

If this moves energy out of a form and into a usable medium, then it is doing what a wind generator is doing, and you don't see GE discontinuing their wind turbans because they are a "theoretical impossibility."


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No physicist ever has to "prove" that a physical impossibility really is. "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." It is the responsibility of the claimant to an impossibility that what they are saying is actually true. That has not been done in this case, and therefore this so-called "design" has no legitimacy.


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Wind turbines are sound in theory and practice. They give out far less than they put in.

As I said elsewhere, this project has no legitimacy to discount.

Perpetual motion and efficiencies of thousands of percent are absolutely impossible, both in theory and practice. Prove me wrong, if you like, by explaining exactly how a machine can produce ten times more energy than you put into it.

(Keep a careful record of your proof, because it would make you a billionaire witjin days...)