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Need help with mp3 player doorbell? Answered

I'm trying to hook up a relay to the wires leading to a broken door chime in a way that when the button is pressed it causes the mp3 player to play an audio clip. what I need help on is the speaker, what I would like, is to have the speaker turn on when the button is pressed and to stay on for 5 or so seconds after the button is released. How would I do that?


I've seen a similar set up and it only requires you to program your MP3 player to play the one, 5 second tune (as a play once, no repeat, sort of way); thus not needing any other function (as far as I know). So as long as the MP3 connects to the speaker, you shouldn't need anything further.... unless I'm missing something?

Ideally I would like to have the speaker turned off with the doorbell turning it on for the 5 or so seconds the clip would play so that I'm not wasting electricity by keeping it on all the time

What are you using for the audio playback?

You can use one of these Recording modules to record the sound you want to use and play it back. Just replace the play button with your coil and your all set. If the playback isn't load enough then replace the speaker with a larger speaker and amp so you can hear it through out the house. As soon as the door bell is pressed the module will play the audio file you recorded then stop.