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Need help with my hidden blade design. Answered

Okay, so I'm thinking of making a hidden blade (Assassins creed style) and i thought a copper tube with a smaller copper (or pvc) tube inside would do for the sliding mechanism. To make it not slide with everything I put a weak magnet on the bottom so it will only slide with some force. The braking system (so the blade wouldn't fall out) is a rubber ring at the top that will let the blade through but not the copper tube. The only thing I need help with is the system that will prevent the blade from going back in the outer-tube. So plz help me with a design for that. I don't care if I have to put a switch or something to get it back in, it doesn't need to be with 1 hand.


Darn you! Now I want to make one!
Im thinking to use a wide, flat channel with the blade in it, attach a strechable spring (as opposed to a compression one) to it and the back. Under normal conditions it wouldn't necessarily pop out like if you used a drawer slide, but given enough force, it would slide out far enough to get to the latch mechanism like the ones in a drawer slide. You'd then have to release the clip to return it.

After al these comments I think I'm going to use a drawer slide with a little magnet. maybe even 2 drawer slides, one big and one small. Then I'll use a magnet so it goes only with some force. If it'll work I'll post you the blueprints.

I'm also going to get my granny's crutch XD and try to make one that way. You'll hear soon thanks for all the tips.

Ok, I tried it, and I have results!

I tried it with a foot long slide(my arm is almost long enough to use without modification) and all my magnets, they didn't hold the slide static very well, and when whipping it about, the little catch on the end isn't enough to stop the slide from coming off, so it will need something to provide friction or an ingenious placement of the magnets.

Magnets! Holy crap dude, that never even crossed my mind, those would be perfect to hold it hidden! Now I want to go make a prototype.

Perhaps you could look up how those police batons work, the ones that slide out like the plastic lightsabers.

I don't know what assassins creed is but but for a sliding mechanism you should watch the film Taxi Driver, a fantastic film which includes the protagonist going through the steps of making a slider for a gun:


Here is a copy of the device:


and here are the instructions for making something similar:


For Yahwey's sake don't ever take this thing outside of your house.


Maybe steal a push-button latch from an old adjustable aluminum crutch or walking cane. That would also help keep the blade from sliding out of the tube in the forward direction better than a rubber ring. The trick will be to keep the button aligned with the hole that it seats into.

Come to think of it, you might be able to repurpose the whole telescoping section of a crutch and not have to track down new tubes at all. Plus, the latch would already be mounted. Just a thought.

Those are a bit stiff most of the time, so I don't know if the whole thing would work. But, its worth a try!

Yeah, if you're going to take a crutch apart anyway, might as well.