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Need help with temporary wall construction Answered

Can anyone shed some light on how this is built ? It looks like 2 8ftx4ft plywood panels sandwiched together with some 2x4s and a hinge on the back. I am trying to find out how to sandwich the sheets together so it looks seamless like the image below. Thanks in advance.


It might be a conventional wall built with thinner studs 2x3s and 3/8 inch veneer drywall. All the joints would be covered with papertape and joint compound and sanded smooth. The other would be custom job from a place that has access to large sheets of plastic laminate to cover the base structure, whether that be conventional lumber or expanded cardboard honeycomb core.

I agree with Kiteman: go with 45 degree angles and sand like crazy. What I'd add is to look up knock down fittings. (http://www.rockler.com/tech/RTD10311456AA.pdf). I used something like these years ago and they had the twin graces of being easy to install and snugged the two surfaces together when locked.

Good luck!

The seamlessness comes after construction - lumps sanded down, dips filled, and all sanded smooth before painting (matt paint also helps disguise irregularities).

To make the corners seamless, forget about hinges.

Make the panels with the edges that butt together at 45 degrees, and then have holes in one face with matching pegs in the opposite, so that they push together and "hide" the seams in the corner creases.