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Need help with unknown component Answered

I'm having a little trouble figuring out what this little fellow is. I recently got a grab bag of components and so far only two have puzzled me, this is one. I'm really just not sure how to identify it so if someone would be kind enough to help out it would be greatly appreciated. markings: (symbol looks like ti maybe) 8432 el salvadore 660570 61047


. At least one of those three numbers is probably a date and/or plant code. Googling "IC date code +TI" turns up some pages that look interesting but I didn't look at anything but the titles.

Thanks. I've searched all over the site with no luck, but I will try product support. (as long as the electric isn't killed by the ice again)


9 years ago

I wonder if it might be a voltage regulator? It definitely is a texas instruments part so you could probably go search through their site. www.ti.com

Agreed - voltage regulator of some breed.