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Need help/advice (or an insctructable) on making a stronger wifi router, and then protecting it... Answered

I have a wireless printer on my network which has been a godsend to me, but it requires the network to be unsecured (theoretically it can log into a secure network, but that just never works). I was fine with that at my old house, as my neighborhood's average age was about 60+, with my wife and I bringing that average down from 75+ due to being the only 30 somethings in the area. But we just moved, and I'm seeing already a half dozen leeches on my wireless, and about 6 dozen nearby strong signals all secured. So I can't secure my signal for the printer, but don't want to share... what am I to do? Another issue is added to the problem - the reason I moved to this house was the neighbor across the street from me is a long time friend, and we thought it would be a good idea to wirelessly network for lan games, as well as splitting the cost of a high speed line. But my signal dies somewhere in the middle of the street, and so does his! So now, I want to boost my signal to get it over to his house, strong enough to let him play games and download files without noticing any delays, PLUS keep it 'unsecured' so my printer can get into it, but still block out the rest of the neighborhood who is leeching off of my signal. Is there a solution possible?


MAC address filtering is your friend! I don't know what your router is like, but most have an option to only let certain MAC addresses access the internet via the router. As long as you allow your printer's MAC address (can probably be found in the manual, or on the configuration page for the printer), it will still connect just fine. Just know that you'll also have to make sure to add the MAC address for your computers as well, and also for your friends computer. As for range boosting, I'm not sure how well that will work. The guides that fwjs28 posted should help you to build a range booster, otherwise there are commercial solutions available as well. The solution I'd suggest for networking however, would be the use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This unfortunately won't allow you to share a Hi-Speed internet line, but will allow you to play LAN games over the internet. Good luck!


9 years ago

umm...goto in IE or Opera or FF and tinker around with your wifi settings....you should see a thinf about displaying ESSID...turn that off...hopefully your printer should still be able to find it ( i have no experience w/ a wireless printer so i do not know) for your distance problems, i would say relocacte your router...also, a WOKfi heres a guide, https://www.instructables.com/id/Cheap_WiFi_Range_Extender/https://www.instructables.com/id/Cheap_WiFi_Range_Extender/

Browse through here techimo.com. This is a great source for your networking and gamer info.