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Need ible 4 alert system for when mail arrives. I live in top floor flat.Its hard to predict when mail arrives. Answered

I live in a top floor flat. We receive alot of packages from ebay. Its difficult to tell when the postman has been..Have had problems with mail going missing in the past. Could do with some sort of alert system that triggers when the mail comes through the post box. Trigger string bell mechanism.


Thanks for the tips!!...will definately look in to these!!!.....The light beam one is most interesting... Mail slot is right next to the door so am unsure wether it will interfear with it or not?...trial and error I guess.

Here in the states, where mailboxes may be farther from houses, one can purchase a small transmitter which adheres to the mailbox cover or door, and which uses a tilt sensor (probably a mercury switch) to detect when the mailbox has been opened; it sends a signal to a receiver which turns on a "your mail is here" alert until you reset it. I've seen these in a number of mail-order catalogs; websearch on "mailbox alert" or "mailbox transmitter" or something like that might find an on-line supplier. If not, or if your mailbox doesn't have a suitable door or lid, that might give you some ideas for how to create your own -- perhaps by modifying the wireless doorbell that Re-design suggested, rather than building your own electronics. Happy hacking...

Simple opto circuit to ring bell wirelessly. When your mail breaks the light beam circuit it triggers a wireless pulse to a tone-generator. I seem to recall these kinds of circuits are quite common in electronics sites.

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A wireless door bell that is hooked up to the door on your mailbox. Probably not legal to tamper with your mailbox. Wireless video camera so you can atleast see them. Wireless door bell, make really nice to the postman/ups/fedex/dhl etc. and teach them to press it when they deliver.

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