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Need ideas for 2 month old daughter's bouncy seat project Answered

OK...My daughter is 2 months old and is colicy(sp) and only is calm when in her bouncy seat....see image of the bouncy seat we have. here is the funny part, she is only calm when you rock the seat...fast and pretty hard. So I step in the lower corner of the frame and get into a cadance when the thing rocks and she is calm. I need ideas on getting this seat to bounce on its own...I've tried the swings, and she hates them. This and the car are the only thing she likes. THANKS!!!!


I'm am certain that I've seen commercial versions of jtobako's idea for sale (just add batteries and clamp it to the seat), but I'm blowed if I can google it...

Just bought http://www.summerinfant.com/bouncers.htm I know, I took the fun out of it, but I am about instant gratification...And trying to calm a 2 month old ASAP!!!

Mother's Touch™ Remote Control Bouncer


Removable Soft toy bar with 3 plush toys
Patented and adjustable rocking motion with vibration
Soothing lullabies, nature sounds and heartbeat
Remote control allows parent to change settings without disturbing baby up to 40' away
3-position recline
Folding canopy

I've seen the same, I think it was for a rocking motion. It may have been linked to a push-chair, or a swing-action device. Think is was definately a crank.


11 years ago

yeah, exactly what jtobako said. I tend to think in terms of what can be done if a few minutes. You could definately fasten a weight to the end of a drill. then fasten the drill to the back of the chair. Fasten it towards the top edge for maximum leverage. I feel your pain. Mine didn't stop crying for the first 6 months. I slept holding a hair dryer A LOT. but be super carefull, you can burn down your house.

The loud noise makes the babies stop crying. I have no idea why. It works really well though.

Like jtobako, I'd also suggest a motor-driven crank, with a variable speed control. Alternatively a constant speed motor driving an adjustable crank linkage. If you tune the drive to the resonant frequency (like pushing at the correct time on a swing) this should keep the bounce going. You might wish to eliminate any damping in the seat and possibly replace the springs.
I can't see the springs too well on this seat, but it looks like the spring is in the feet, giving you a mix of vertical motion and rocking?
If it's vertical bounce you need, you could hang this (on a spring or bungee-cord) from the ceiling or a door-frame.
You'd be aiming around 1Hz?


Make a small swing, attach the bouncy seat to it, duct tape a small rocket to the back...off she goes round and round calm as could be. ;)

take a motor with a speed control (like a variable speed drill) and put an off center weight on it or some sort of a crank that can be attached (string?) to the bouncer. hope she feels better soon, and you can get some sleep.