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Need ideas for iOS game creation Answered

Hey everyone I really need your help with a winner iOS game idea!
i have made many games in the past but ended up scrapping those ideas because they just weren't good enough and wouldn't make any money.
I create 2d platformers or RPGs, at the moment I can't make 3d games. But if you could help me with game ideas that would be very helpful and appreciated, I would also leave your names in the credits of the game


Something with small red spiders...

A game about a kid who wants to be a basketball star! He travels all over his neighborhood beating people at a simple form of basketball. (freethrow shooting) You could just use one of those simple bars that you have to click a button to stop and be accurate enough to make it. Then after he beats everyone, you become a major star. Yay game is over. There can be Practice sessions (upgrades) that would help imrove accuracy (probably slow down that moving bar or make the space that you need to make it in be bigger). Hope this helps