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Need ideas for steampunk pressure gauge. Answered

Well I have all my supplies to start my gun tomorrow but I couldn't find what to make my pressure gauge from i just need a cheap.. ring of some kind and it is harder to find than it may seem. Have any of you made pressure gauges?

Share your ideas?


Get one of those cheap auto tire/tyre air pressure gauges from the dollar store. You can always paint the plastic case and it has a few metal fittings on it. You can pop off the lens to insert your own graphic with appropriate font and markings. If not, cut off the bottom of plastic bottles to use as the case and build a gauge in there. Use an old clock of some sort and replace the graphics. Good luck.

Good idea, many of those can be found at some dollar stores for (looks both ways) a dollar (or two).

Ah I was in walmart yesterday and I found a bike pump but the gauge was massive

The tire gauge dials are about the size of the old $5 gold piece....oh wait, you may never have seen one of those....

...ok well it matters how deep it is too. I started my first ever steam punk project today which was off a dollar store squirt gun. and besides the many cracks I put in the CHEAP plastic it looks great. good practice.