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Need information on an old mower. Answered

All I know about it is that it has a 6B engine, is made by "moto mower", and has a aluminium deck.

I would like to know where I can get parts for it and possibly some history about it. Some info on how to remove a seized on gas cap would also be helpful.


That is an old 3.5 horse Briggs and Stratton engine.

The bolt pattern to the base hasn’t changed in 50 years if you want to swap out the engine.

Otherwise whack a ton of diesel fuel or penetrating oil to it and take your time.

Another trick used by mechanics is to heat the bolts with a torch and cool the rapidly with water and tap them with a hammer until they come loose.



4 years ago

It almost looks like it was underwater for a while. Penetrating oil is about the only thing I know to get the cap loose. Turn it upside down so the oil can run into the threads. I am assuming that the engine oil is out of it so that won't be a issue to it being upside down for a while. If you can find an engine number run it through Google it might be out there somewhere. Also model number and brand name might turn up some results. I found my engine number stamped in the metal of the cowling You might find something helpful here. ----