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Need recycled idea Answered

I need an idea for a project that could be done in a short amount of time (like a week) that uses recycled materials, but is still kinda cool.


What about something along these lines?

component people (1).JPG

that's pretty cool, I was just stairing at my big pile of dead IC's and I'm liike, it kinda looks like a dog, and I could use magnet wire for a leesh, and I could make people, etc. Maybe...

The 555 family??? Give it a go and then show us.

The monitor fishtank? Tyre flowerpots? Engine block fountain? Camera flashgun/tazer.

monitor fishtank, I don't have any crt monitors, but if I did that'd be an awesome idea. I'll try and find some. tires, don't have, engine block, yeah right. Tazer, it's a school thing and they'd probably frown upon that and I'd be disqualified or something, and that's bad. Thanks for the ideas though!

Yeah but a slave flashgun would be a good science project. Umm Old tyres are dead easy to find though it's not that new an idea.

Try searching for "recycled".

Oh, I thought by your title you needed to recycle an idea.....hmmm, I thought I saw an instructable on a VCR recycled into a pet feeder, but that may be a bit much

I guess the VCR thing is a bit over the top then

If you have an IKEA somewhere: They have fake TV and monitors, sometimes they throw out old ones. Another Idea I had: Take old CDs/DVDs/Advertisement CDs and build something like a solar array, where the sunlight is focused on one point to heat something or drive solar cells at maximum (for example from old calculators, so that they charge a battery). On a 3x3 area that would look pretty neat. The alternative energysource would fit the recyclingtheme perfectly. Maybee even the wind.generator out of pringlecans (I think it was on instructables as well) would be good too. Another rough idea would be to create something with flowing water, since waterplays are allways worth a look.

i know. find old computers and electronics with smt ics, de-solder them with a heat gun and make key-rings!

instructable ible 1 001.jpginstructable ible 1 002.jpg

that's pretty cool, I might do something like that!

I have a bag containing about... well a lot of dip ICs (maybe 100?), most I think are 18 pin, and I have a couble smd ones, cand you recomend anything for the dip ones?

What skills, hobbies, interests do you have? What sort of tools do you have? Can you solder etc.? Also is this for some school project and are there any limitations or requirements for the project? What kind of stuff do you have lying arround? (wood, computers, metal parts...)

I can work with wood, metal, electronics, you name it (havn't had much expierence with glass though...). My favorite hobby is electronics, but for experience, it's this: electronics and wood about the same (I like electronics better though) welding, I start learning on monday. The only limitation of this project is that: I need 2 of them Both have to fit in a 3x3x3 area. My school has pretty much any tool, and I have a lot of tools my self. between me and school: good soldering iron jointer surface planer metal lathes wood lathees radial arm saw various drills and drill presses bandsaw jigsaw all normal tools (like hammers, screw drivers, wrenches, etc) welders disk sander spindel sander that's all I can think of now. I have a bunch of old electronics sitting around that I have been salvaging parts from.

by 3x3x3 I mean in feet, like 3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet tall.