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Need regulator and compact solenoid 5/2 valve for small scale Co2 powered system. Answered

Looking to drive a 5/16ths inch pneumatic cylinder all in a self contained package. Cylinder is rated for 150 psi and the 12 gram co2 i was planning to use is 900 psi so i need to reduce it considerably. I'm trying to make a moving costume piece, not a battlebots weapon or a bomb.


Look for the little bike inflator gadgets, they must have pressure regs in them, and take the small cartridges.

What/how far/how heavy are you moving ? Maybe gas isn't the best way to do this.

I don't know that the bike tire inflators have pressure regulators, I thought they just relied on the narrow aperture to limit flow rate and if you just held it down long enough it'd either blow the tire or run out of gas. It's also possible that instead of a regulator they just have an overpressure blowoff valve on the tire side of the unit which would be disastrous for my purposes since i'm trying to both get multiple actuation out of a single cartridge and to keep constant pressure in the cylinder to hold it firmly in either state. I need to make a double acting mechanism that will actuate and then stay fixed in either position, force isn't so important but speed of deployment is.

Any idea where i could get a small solenoid 5/2 valve?

This instructable

mentions some paint-ball gun type regulator parts, which look ideal for you.

There's nothing that special about small valves, unless you want to go really, really small, like the Parker X-valves I use at work - they're 1/2" long, and 3/8 square - 12 x 10 x 10mm.

You can get one that would be around 1"x 1" x 2"- 2.5" from most industrial supply places. Your profile doesn't say where you are, so it makes it impossible to give you any more advice than that.