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Need schematics for electronic speed controler for a 3 phase hard drive (HDD) motor. Answered

Hello. I have a problem. I've bought an old HDD for fun, if I can say so, it works, but I want to use the 3 phase motor for some applications, out of the HDD enclosure, so the question is how to start the motor?...I mean, I know that I need an electronic board to do that, so where I can find some schematics?...P.S. Don't ask me the brand name of HDD, cuz I don't know! Thnx and sorry for my bad english, I'm from Romania ;)


The thing is, you trade off reliability and simplicity in the motor, against more complicated driviers - in a hard drive, the driver is well integrated into the chips on board - a hard disk spins at one fixed speed.

You CAN do this by using PWM and three channels on an Arduino, you synthesise three, 120 Degree separated sine waves.

i'm sorry if i'm wrong...i'm not actually a pro...i was thinking that is a stepper cuz when i've turned the plate mounted on the motor it felt like impulses if you understand what i mean...So...the new question is...who know's where i can find schematics to make this motor working without built-in HDD controller :D tnx

Again, you need a BRUSHLESS MOTOR controller. They are finely balanced and tuned to this type of motor and making one requires more knowledge than I can offer -- other than 'buy one, they're cheap".

Its not a stepper, its a three phase motor.

Someone on hackaday recently built one but it used pulsed instructions rather than sine-waveform and the motor was hard to control past a few hundred rpm since the timing is SO important.

Author: Tip: But an "electronic speed controller" for brushless motors. It will save you a headache.