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Need some answers on oranges... Answered

This summer (I think, I really cannot remember) I set up a propagator to grow some bamboo seeds I bought off eBay- Instructable coming soon on this topic- and then off the success of my bamboo seeds, I stuck a few orange seeds in as well. They grew alright, they're pretty huge now and I just re-potted them today into new, higher quality soil etc.

Whilst doing this I discovered that each seed (I only had to successfully grown seeds) had spouted two saplings. So when re-potting I found out I didn't actual have 2 strange orange saplings but 4 of them with totally independent root systems. Albeit Two out of the four had not been receiving as much light as the others so there are two huge dominant saplings and the two smaller ones that grew in their shadow. 

Is it normal for orange trees to grow two sprouts from one seed? I haven't tried growing them before so I don't know. Or have I got magical seeds, or a divine calling to grow plants? ;)

Any help would be great,



Best Answer 5 years ago

Citrus seeds produce nucellar seedlings which are vegetative (identical to the mother-tree...basically clones) rather than genetic in origin. Generally, three sprouts will emerge. Two will be fast growing sprouts that are vegetative in nature and will produce a tree exactly like the one from which the fruit was obtained. The center, weak sprout, (if it emerges,) is the genetic growth which should be removed. It would appear that in your case, the genetic sprout either didn't emerge or died very early on.

That is fascinating :D Thanks for the answer

Although I'm kind of upset I don't have plant super powers xD

Whoa, that's fascinating. I had no idea.