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Need some decisions on what rc transmitter and receiver to buy? Answered

I want to get started in rc robots,car,planes......
but i dont know what rc transmitter and reciever to buy.
Some of the fethures i wanted it to have was 6ch,4-6 degrees of freedome and a price ranging around $50-$110. If it could be bought at amazon.com or servocity.com then that would be great.
Please give me some advice



6 years ago

The most popular brands are Spektrum, Futaba, JR, and Hitec. For instance the Spectrum DX6i can store up to 20 different models. You simply plug in a small clip and "bind" your Radio to the Reciever. Search for dx6i binding on youtube to see how it's done. Extremely simple. Plus with 20 model memory I'm sure it will handle all of your needs for quite some time. And they are only $120 to $160 plus maybe tax where ever you're at. Good luck, and just take a look at maybe the dx7s or even the dx8, but trust me the dx6i is plenty, and fair priced. The dx5e is only 1 model. Half the price, but one model and half the features of the dx6i.


7 years ago

I'm not sure which one suits you. Enter "2.4ghz 6ch rc radio" as a search and take a look at the results. Make sure you buy one that is in the 2.4ghz range. The older 27mhz AM and 72mhz FM have very long antennas, channel overlap, major interference and short range. 2.4ghz addresses all these problems and more.

Also watch out that you don't buy one that doesn't include a receiver or is just a simulator, those are for training on the computer, and don't actually transmit.