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Need some help with a parts list for a RGB array.? Answered

Im saving up money to build a wall of 512 RGB LED's from a site called solderlab, and they provide real good documentation, and pics, but im still confused on what I need EXACTLY for the PCB boards. There will be 8 with shift registers, and one for power. I will link pictures to the schematics, renders of the boards. And Ive got some, I think. Also where I can get the custom PCB's made, and or, how much they will be! :D

 Heres the Power board: 

Render of the Power board: 

One of the 8 Shift register boards:

And lastly, The render of The shift register boards:

And as far as I can tell, I need:
36 RJ45 Jacks
32 Shift register 74HC595's
base resistors 10k Conrad Electronics 64
npn-transitors BD139 Conrad Electronics 64
34 pin ribbon cable connector
3- 22p ceramic caps

And they say ( but im not sure what or where to get them)
Pull-Up / Pull-Down resistors 10k     x5
4 x pin header
quarz 16MHz (Im assuming this is just a 16 mhz crystal.
And two Electr. Caps 100 µF

So what am I missing? and how do I make/get those little wire bridges?

Thanks! :D Im excited.


Hey I may be able to help with etching and drilling of the boards. Though I'd have to order some copper clad as I only have a few left.

Kinda looks like this project that I've been meaning to do. I have all the parts but been lazy as I know how much soldering needs to be done. My idea was to do it pretty much the same except mine would be framed and hung on  a wall. I purchased a colorduino so I don't really need to etch any boards


Not too sure how im going about it yet. I need to make 9 PCB's
And I have some ideas from iceng, thanks to steve :p

But feel free to comment. Ill be putting funds together for it soon. Can keep up with it when I start if you like.

If I may suggest, considering you don't have the specific pcb made, have you thought about addressable led strips?

strands with driver chips like the ldp1201 or the ws2801 can be controlled to millions of colours, at hundreds of frames per second.  The strips themselves are about $10-20 per meter @ 32 leds/meter.  You can also get stranded lights with similar clock/data/power connections but longer distance between them.  Offloading all the colour calculations to the strip means you only have to think about 'what' colours you want on the strip/matrix.

Well not that that isnt a good idea. I already have the schematics and eagle files for the PCB's. Not to mention the software to run visuals on it.
And I know how to build it this way. Im not sure how to do it that way.
I'll also be making a instructable when Im done, :D
Just trying to figure out where to get them made or how to do it myself.

Not a bad plan - just the strips are already assembled, it's just the software which is pretty simple on one end :)

RGB with 595 registers gives 7 possible colours, and a few more if you flicker them to fake pwm, the driver chips give you millions, every colour imaginable :D

Well the board will be split into 8x8 sections of lights. 64 per section
One board will have 4 shift registers, Transistors, resistors etc, and thats how the board will be connected together. Through RJ45 jacks.

The 8 boards connect through the RJ45 jacks to the one Power board, and the ATmega. And Ill have a arduino hooked up to the atmega as well and the power supply connects to that board. then I have to connect it to a pc. basicly.

The part im looking forward to is the soldering. tbh. Theres 512 leds, each one has 4 pins.
512 x 4 = 2048 solder points! :D

The resistors are just ordinary 1/8W 10K resistors.

"headers" are also called single-in-line connectors.

The wire bridges are usually made from offcuts of other component leads, bend them with a small pair of pliers. Some bridges I have seen made from staples !

Alright cool, Now I need to figure out where and how to get the PCB boards made.

You MIGHT PM Iceng, who is a Reno resident too, for some ideas of local suppliers ;-)

Well then! I might just do that. :D
Lets give it a try.