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Need some ideas Answered

ok...at my other "home" www.geekstogo.com someone came up with a question about methods of making a "sherlock Holmes type chess board" where you could place one (or multiple) chess pieces in a specific location and have it open up a secret compartmentlinkage....and it got me really interested in attempting to build such a nifty contraption...we through out a bunch of ideas on how to get the chess board made and wired up....had some good ideas for using reed switches and either a push solenoid or even a linear actuator (to open and close a drawer depending on switch positioning)...i think i could work the wiring and stuff up...but what i need is some ideas for what to do instead of a chess board (i'm wanting to make this for my brother and his wife and i already got him a shot glass chess set...so he doesn't need another one of those)

i though maybe i could make a water fountain where it would have a removable piece (or pieces) that when you put it in one location it will turn the fountain on and off...and if you put it somewhere else it would open up a drawer or something...i've got these faces from CPR dummies (don't ask) that i was going to use to make the fountain (like the water dripping from the open mouth) and either make some of my metal hands or buy some of those wooden art model hands or something...and make it that way...but i'm not sure if that's what i want to do (also not sure if the reed switches i'm planning on using are capable of switching 110v AC for long periods of time so suggestions on materials would be nice)

another idea would be a big wall art piece like the Magnetic Multi Panel Mural...but i'm not sure how to integrate a drawer setup in something like that without getting inside of his wall at his house (would be fun though....wire it up in the wall...and have like a drawer open across the house when you move a panel or something like that)

also...i guess it doesn't have to open up anything...it could do anything when the switch is on or off or whatever....any ideas are welcome


ok so i'm modifying the idea...instead i'm kind of wanting to combine This guy and this guy into some kind of lighted art installation using the magnetic reed switches as the actuation mechanism....so that when certain panels of the wall art are in certain places in the mosaic, they would glow....now...i know absolutely nothing about programming the micro controllers needed for such a thing so any resources/hints/tips on that would be great...

it would also be kind of nifty if every panel had multiple sets of lights that where either of different colors or different blink patterns or something like that...so that when one of the "actuating panels" was placed in the right position it could send a signal (somehow....yeah this is getting ambitious) to the other panels to blink with a corresponding pattern


10 years ago

sounds very cool...and complex.