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Need someone to set up a system that measuring the time of wearing a brace using a sensor and pay for this Answered

I would like someone to construct or set up a system  that measures the time that someone is wearing a brace. Usually they use temperature or  resistance sensor using a data logger. Please if someone can build this I could pay him.thank you



You can do this yourself and learn a new skill. ALl you need is a simple micro controller like an Arduino. Upload a simple timing sketch to the micro controller. You can add a data logger to it to keep track of the times on an SD card. You can even use a clock timer to ensure an accurate time. Then all you need to do is have a pair of metal contacts sewn into the straps of the brace. So when the user straps it on the 2 contacts connect starting the timer. When the connection is broken the micro-controller can save the time to the SD card.

The initial mock up and prototype won't be pretty and may get in the way of the user wearing it having to have the added electronics hanging off the brace or attached elsewhere. But with time, money and further development it could be made very small and out of the way.


5 years ago

Need more details. What type of brace? Is it a multiple people with littlebraces? Is the wearer honest about it?