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Need to Change title of Link to my instructable Answered

Hi guys and girls, I just published an instructable and I had a typo in the title. I wrote Duck tape instead of Duct Tape.(dont tell me you havent done that! LOL) Anyway, so I went through and changed the title in the edittor and unpublished and republished the instructable. The link at the top of the web browser (and the final downloadable .pdf) still say DUCK_TAPE_BINDING... Its funny, but its not.. I need an admit to change it for me. I've been trying for a couple of hours now, and there is nothing I can do client-side to change it. Thanks!


Aha, so there is a possibility to get help from the gods. I recently -- quite desperately -- changed the title of one of my instructables "simply" by submitting a new one, cutting and pasting everything from the old one... (Due to an ugly and stupid typo.)

My Duck is still in the house... Please sir, get it out of here!

Nope, its still there. Look at the title of the page in the address bar !!! GRRR.... Duck duck dock duct Duckt... there go all my ducks! Need admin help...


. It may be Monday before this gets fixed. Robot doesn't do like to work weekends. I wouldn't either, if I lived near the beach. ;)

. Bah! Inever make tpyos.