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Need to change indicator lever on european car to right side, help needed. Answered

What is involved with changing the indicator lever with the windscreen wiper lever on a europen car, so that the indicators are on the right side of the steering column? Ihave a 2004 Ford Focus 3 door hatch. Would love to have the indicators on the right side of the car, which would be the right side btw lol. Any help would be appreciated.


Why do you need to swap them?

I've had a variety of cars over the years, all RH drive as nature intended.

They have however, been a mix regarding the location of the indicators.

It just takes a couple of minutes' fiddle to get used to the change.

My understanding is the turn indicators are always on the left, even on RH drive steering columns...but I may be mistaken (since on a rh drive your left hand is usually on the shift stick)...

Either way, it isn't an 'easy' process to hack, there might be an aftermarket kit to switch the parts around.

That's true, only if your car isn't of Japanese or Korean origin. Logically the indicators should be on the side opposite the shift. The Japanese understand that, the Europeans don't.


The best way would be to get a replacement steering column module. If the levers have the same positions and functions (as switches) you might consider taking the column apart and swapping wires about...