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Need to find out how to transfer videos from video camera to computer (You Tube). Not too techie, can you help? Answered

Video camera is a Canon ES55. Trying to send video of grandaughter singing for a contest but can't figure out how to do it.



there has to be a USB cable from your camera to PC..try using that one to transfer it first from your camera to your computer.

Once its upped on your PC, do use Ezvid - a free video/slideshow maker for YouTube..because with Ezvid, it can upped videos to YouTube directly plus you have the ability to edit your videos also - like adding text, background music or even voice-over... Ezvid is a freeware so you can get it directly at http://ezvid.com

First you save it to the computer once it pops up
Then go on youtube to add video and upload the video that you saved

If you do not want to invest in a Video Capture card, use anAV to usb device.

Leadtek Winfast VC100 U Video Editor.
It costs about $60 Australian  (Oct 2009)

As long as you have video out on your device, connect the cable device to your USB input. The software "Showbiz2" will allow you to capture the "movie". It takes the length of the film to record to your ocomputer. 

The software allows you to burn directly to a dvd rather than to the computer but I rather prefer to copy to the computer then use Nero 7 to convert to a dvd so I can check the movie first, in case editing is required.


9 years ago

My video camara doesn't have any way to connect to the computer, I had to play it to my TV and burn a DVD then take the DVD and put it into the computer and upload it and store it. After that it's just a matter of retrieving it and sending it.

Your camcorder doesn't offer digital connection to do it the 'easy' way unfortunately; so you need as guardianfox suggests, a 'video capture device'. This will allow you to plug your camcorder into the computer, and use it like a VCR to play your recorded video back into the computer. The capture device then converts it to a computer file. They vary in quality, cheaper ones offer less cpu power, and rely on your computer to encode the video. Not a problem if you have a newer computer. Higher quality ones do a lot of the cpu work, and just spit out a nicely encoded video file for you. Check your local store, there should be a deal to be had. Dealextreme that fox linked is really good, but grab one thats in stock - they have free shipping but its SLOW SLOW (>1 month)

Once you get the video captured to the computer (in virtually any format, avi, mpg, m4v etc), then you need to create a youtube account. Enter the information on the signup forms. Now you have a video, and a youtube account - just upload it! Choose the 'upload videos' link on youtube, browse your computer for the file you encoded, give it a title, set it to private or public, and you're set! It may take youtube anywhere from minutes to days to make your video public in the search listings.