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Need to go from 12v to 5v, back to 12v Answered

I have a remote controlled submersible craft and the controller that came with it is incredible clunky. It has 3 switches that each control a motor and you almost need 3 hands to effectively drive the thing. What I want to do is take the 3 switches out and use 2 joy sticks instead – like this schematic I drew up.

My problem is that the power coming from the terminals for the original switches is 12v 7Ah, and the joysticks I have are rated for 5v. I need to step down from 12v at the switch terminals from the board to 5v for the joy stick, then from 5v at the joystick back to 12v so I can run power to the motors. Anyone have any ideas?



9 days ago

Your original switches power directly, your Joysticks are only capable of providing signals!
You need to add suitable transistors and the corresponding circuit for them, otherwise your joystick won't survive the first dive.