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Need to know how to hook up Tact switches to an analog stick? Answered

or how to solder wires to the area where the analog stick's movements are? I'm trying to make my gamecube controller usb and I was trying to follow the NES usb instructions but the analog stick seems like it will be harder to make work, where on the analog stick am I look for to solder tact switches or wires to?


wait a minute, could i unsolder the metal connecting to the chip in the center to the joysticks and solder wires to those, from the chip?

so basically, it's not easy? is there a chip already made that I can order to do such a thing? I'm just starting out and wanted to do this as my first project, so far....it's a disaster...

I think the instructable you were referring to was for an original NES system controller which had no joystick. The one you are trying to modify has a joystick which is basically 2 potentiometers mounted in x-y directions. That gives you varying voltage signals which must be interpreted by some chip to pass along the data on USB. That is not the same as just pressing a switch. You'll have to research if anyone has done a mod for your style of controller.

this is the inside of the controller

Picture 143.jpgPicture 144.jpg