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Need to know when someone is at my front door when I'm working out in my shop that's in my back yard? Answered

I work often in my shop that is in my back yard, which is approximately 100 feet away from the house. I am looking for a way to be notified when someone rings the front doorbell. What is the simplest, most accurate, most cost effective way of doing this. Thank you all for any answers you may have.


What sort of bell is it? IF wired then extend the wires to a second bell closer to you.

Get a much louder bell.

Put a not on the door asking callers to phone you on your cell phone.


3 years ago

The Shack sells this for $20 and it works well.

Remote Doorbell.jpg

Do you happen to know the range of this? My shop is about 100 ft from the the house. Thanks for your answer.

It works at 60' never tried more,

But you could mount the button near your shop be sure to use a 50' twisted pair from your main bell.

OR leap frog one to fire a second unit !

The twisted wires prevent a nearby lightning strike from inducing a semiconductor kill voltage in an antenna.

We have three receivers wireless Intercom something like this unit.


One on the front porch one in the house and one in my work shop.

Works for us and my wife can call me in the shop when dinner is ready or ask if I want a coffee.



3 years ago

A CCTV would be the most effective but a remote flashing light triggered by the doorbell, similar to those used by the hearing impaired, would also work and be a simple project.