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Need to learn a new language new ? Answered

i really want to learn a new language over the summer, but am not sure how, or even which one to learn. i really enjoy Asian culture, and chinas' really in the up lately, so maybe Chinese, I've also rely always wanted to learn Latin. what do you think? how should i go about teaching myself?


Why not get a tutor? I work as a tutor for WyzAnt (www.tinyurl.com/TutorMe), and there are quite a few reasonably priced tutors available in virtually any subject! Check it out! By the way, they are always looking for good tutors, so you can earn as you learn, too! Tutor in something you know, and get tutored in something you want to know!

Any language can be learned if you try hard. Online podcasts, apps, language programs, and vacations are all good ways to learn.

As it appears that English is your native tongue, I would recommend that you pursue another Germanic or Latin based language. You will discover many familiar root words in German, French, Italian, and Spanish. Also, I would recommend that you try a language that uses the same alphabet as English. It will make learning much easier. You will more easily be able to read and write the new language and your mouth and tongue will be able to form the sounds and syllables much more readily. Finally, I agree with the others that you will have a better chance at success if you can practice with native speakers of the language you choose to learn. Good luck.

I have had a number of pupils who joined without any English.

Those who learned the language most quickly, and most thoroughly, were the ones who had no help from language teachers, but were forced to muddle through with their classmates' help.

They typically go from zero to fluent in a single term.

Best way is to move to a country that speaks the language of choice and immerse yourself. Speak nothing in your native tongue unless you absolutely have to. Buy a good English to? dictionary and study it.

Most people can learn enough Spanish to carry on a conversation in 3 months.

The only way to rally learn a language is to speak it so you absolutely HAVE to find someone to who speaks the language.

*agreed with rick and artwork -- great suggestions.

I have used 'rosetta stone' software in the past and had some success, but didn't stick with it to the end. It uses a headset microphone to analyze how well you are pronouncing the vocabulary - it says the word, then you repeat until you get it right.
I believe there are demos, each language is worth a fair chunk of change, but worth it if you need the language quick. There are less legitimate ways to acquire said software, but we don't reccommend or discuss that here :)

Check the BBC's free language services

Listen to radio in the language of your choice (many available through the internet on http://tunein.com/)

Get a primary tutor book.

Best of all find a bilingual teacher. (ideally handsome or pretty as appropriate!)

First check the usability. How useful will the new language be. Check out how many of your friends ( in clollege / home) speak which language. The more people you can talk with, the more fluent you will get. There are many arian languages. Hindi, bangla, gujrati, marathi, tamil, telegu, kannad, malyalam, asmese, oriya and many many more. Check out the book store. There will be language speaking books. You can also check amazon.com. Who knows! You can learn more than one language also!
All the best!